hello, i'm

Filip Boś

An RTS nominated Filmmaker, Film Production Graduate from the University of Gloucestershire,

Currently a Marketing & Communications Manager

Who am I?

I am a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Film Production. As a digital media and communications professional, my true passion lies in the art of storytelling. I have a proven track record in developing and executing creative marketing campaigns, as well as effectively managing social media and creating compelling content across various platforms. My experience extends to the radio industry, where I possess a strong understanding of broadcast production and audio editing.



Furthermore, I am an IT enthusiast with a talent for navigating the daily challenges in the constantly evolving world of Information Technology. Whether it’s providing initial support or seamlessly configuring software and hardware to meet specific needs, my expertise spans a wide range. I also excel in working with WordPress and have a knack for setting up and managing new databases. 

My overarching goal is to harness technology to optimise operations and enhance overall efficiency.

“Fil is a true team player. He inspires those who work with him and is charismatic, helpful and focused; for these reasons he is extremely effective at rallying around colleagues to participate in training and getting things done. He possesses the rare capacity to integrate people skills and has a kind sense of humour. Fil is brilliantly creative is responsible for initiating and executing some of most successful, Marketing initiatives at Gloucestershire Young Carers. I consider it a privilege to work with Fil.”

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