Well, here we go! My first ‘blog post’?

Hi, hello and welcome! My name is Filip Boś and this is my little corner of the internet.

I am an RTS nominated Filmmaker & Film Production Graduate from the University of Gloucestershire. However my day job is being an IT, Marketing & Communications Officer for Gloucestershire Young Carers and Radio Presenter/Producer (former BBC and Tone FM).

I will use these blogs more like a diary at times but as I just rebranded my website into a one pager, I thought this might be the write time to actually use the blog option that the website gives me lol 🙂

I will want to share some aspects of my life which you may find at least a little interesting. I will try to cover a variety of things from my big move from Poland to the UK which happen just over 17 years ago, to my struggles with my mental health and acceptance of who I really I am.

I should add, that I’m not a blogger, however I will try and make this as interesting or insightful as possible. Hopefully that hasn’t put you off and that you will still join me on the next blog. Not sure what I will write, but I will use these cosy autumn nights to do something a little more productive!

Image of the blog

I’m going to try to have a different image/s for each blog post at the end of my post just to make a bit varied 🙂

Robinswood Hill – Gloucester

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